Attention: Not in Corporate Edition & Recruitment Edition. 

A placement is made when a candidate is hired at a company. The Placements module offers the following possibilities:

  • Managing placements
  • Create a placements, read about it here
  • Placement template
  • Manually making rules for factures
  • Timesheets

The screenshot above shows the Placements page. The numbers in the image correspond with the following options:

  1. My Placements; placements made by you
  2. Placements of my office; all the placements made by the office
  3. All Placements; overview of all placements
  4. Archived; all the deleted placements (only visible for the administrator)
  5. Filter profile; use this to search with saved search options. Make a search profile by saving your search and naming the profile. Useful for frequently used searches.
  6. Search; search within the placements; overview of all placements by using multiple search fields
  7. Action; Create an action for the placement; taking over ownership of the placement, setting a new owner, creating an activity (a task, meeting or note) for multiple placements at once, Set status to change the placement status for a group of placements, Create a baseline, and finally Archive the file.
  8. Select E-mail; choose an E-mail template
  9. Select Report; choose a Report template
  10. View and edit a placement by clicking on it. If the Preview window on the right hand side is opened, then you can see all information regarding the placement at a glance. It will also require you to doubleclick the placement to open. 
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