You use the Staffing Edition of Carerix and you fill in the hours of a Candidate.


You select the placement of the candidate, the declaration type, the amount of hours and you click [Save]. You see the following message:

"The changes aren't changed. At the placement '.....' a non-internal declaration type needs to be selected"


Hours, kilometers etc. are named "declaration types" in Carerix. Carerix knows internal, and external declaration types. 

External hours are hours that can be written at a placement. These hours are in general billable.
Internal hours are hours that don't belong to a project, for example absenteeism or an internal course.

When filling in the hours, the right type of hours needs to be chosen. 

  • At a placement, external hours needs to be written.

  • If you want to write internal hours, choose 'intern' in stead of a placement. 

Keywords : UD-1635


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