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Configuration of Time registration
Configuration of Time registration
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Configuration of Time registration

To configure your Carerix application for the registration of time by candidates, you need to configure 2 tables: declarationtypes, these are for the candidate to write their hours on, and rates, for internal use.

For both tables you need to create the necessary items, and link them, with the following instructions.

Configuration Declaration types

These are for the candidate to write his hours. The items are to be created in the table ‘Declarationtype’. The default declarationtype is usually the worked hours. Besides those, you can create types for fe travel, other expenses but also holidays or sickness.

The table items for declarationtype contain at least the name and a unit. Mostly this is time, but it can also be ‘km’ for instance. If the unit is set to ‘hour’ and the candidate works a full day, he writes “8” in the timesheet on this declarationtype. If the unit is set to ‘day’, the candidate will write “1” on this type.

Also available are several classes: 

  • Internal hours—tick this box if it’s an internal declaration type, which means it will not be externally charged.

  • Subtract from holiday remainder – do you administrate vacation hours? Tick this box if the filled in hours need to be substracted from vacation time. (so in essence you set a tick in this box for a declaration type that represents ‘leave’).

  • Add to holiday remainder—tick this box when the hours that are filled in must be added to vacation time (e.g. time-for-time);

  • Overtime hours—sets a declaration type for overtime hours;

  • Empty timesheet line for this declaration type – creates an automatic line in the timesheet for this declaration type;

  • Please note: this is only for internal declaration types;

  • Empty timesheet line for every placement—creates an empty timesheet line for every placement automatically;

  • Fill timesheet line for every placement — fill in the timesheet line automatically with the values that are filled in at Placement > General tab > Hours to work;

  • Not to be included in working hours (for example: miles or standby hours)—tick this box when the filled in value is not equal to “working hours” .

Classes configuration per type

Default working hours

For the default working hours you at least tick: Empty timesheet line for every placement.

Besides you have the option to fill these lines with the hours that are specified in the placement in Carerix on the tab General at ‘Hours to work’: Fill timesheet line for every placement.

Extra hours

Time-for-time: Add to holiday remainder

Overtime hours: overtime hours

Travel and other expenses

Those usually have another unit than ‘hours’, and you don’t want to add them to those. So use the class: Not to be included in working hours.

Configuration rates

Rates contain a name, a unit, a ‘rate type’ and they are linked to a declarationtype.

Note :  that the unit of the rate should be the same as the unit of the linked declarationtype. If the declaration type uses ‘hours’, then the unit of the rate should be ‘hours’ as well.

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