Declaration types

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If you want to fill in timesheets, the right declaration types need to be created. 

Different types

Declaration types can have the following characteristics:

Unit (Hour/Km/Currency/... ):
Distinguishes the written hours from kilometers and other costs.

These hours don't belong to a project (placement), but they are "general". For example: sick leave or study hours. Internal hours don't have a rate. 

Subtract from holiday remainder:
The hours written on this declaration type are automatically subtracted from the holiday remainder. You can find the holiday remainder on the admin-tab of the candidate.

Overtime hours:
These hours are used in combination with the overtime factor. 

Empty timesheet line for this declaration type:
An empty line is automatically created for every new timesheet. The candidate only has to fill in the description and the hours.

Empty timesheet for every placement:
For every placement an empty time-sheet line is automatically created if the candidate works for multiple placements. 

No hours:
Every hour in a placement is added up. By clicking this checkbox, the amount in this field is excluded from the summation.

The declaration type needs to be linked to rates, otherwise they can't be used when writing hours. 

Keywords: UD-1637

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