Session time out
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You work with Carerix. Sometimes you see the following message:
"You have been signed out due to long inactivity. Click here to sign in again or press Ctrl-F5"
This is because your session has expired. This will cause an automatic logout from Carerix.


When you log in to Carerix, you start a "Session". This session will remain until you choose "sign out".

Many Carerix users never sign out, but just close the browser window. To make sure no-one else can use your session, it has a limited validity: It will expire 40 minutes after your last activity.

Not all activity is visible for the Carerix application

  • Page changes are always visible, and therefore count as 'activity' for the application.

  • When you remain on the same page for long, Carerix will not notice this activity.
    An example is when you are filling out a complicated candidate- or job order page.

This can cause the above notice when you finally try to save the results.


When filling out a compicated page, it is always prudent to choose [save] now and then.

Also, you can change the duration of the session time out in the follwing way:

  1. Log in as Administrator

  2. Go to: "Maintenance" > "Settings"

  3. Click on general settings

  4. At 'sessionTimeOut" enter the desired dureation in seconds

  5. Save your changes

This new value applies to anyone who singns in after that.

Some useful values:

  • 1800: ½ hour

  • 2400: 40 minutes (default value: "more than half an hour")

  • 3600: 1 hour

  • 5400: 1½ hours

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