Don't have login credentials yet?

If you don't have login credentials yet, please ask your Administrator to create a new user login for you.

Forgot your credentials?

Read this article to learn how to reset your password. 

Not able to login to the Carerix application

When you are not able to login to the Carerix application, please follow these steps;

  1. Check the login credentials

  2. Ask your Administrator for assistance

  3. Check the Carerix Status Page

Please note, that the Carerix Customer Support Team is not allowed to change passwords for you. An Administrator is the only person that is able to change passwords and is the only person allowed to make this decision. 

Change your password

Read this article to find out how you can change your password.  

Token Based Access (TBA)

Your Carerix Administrator has activated the TBA function.

  • Enter from where you are trying to login, Home, office, other.
    An TBA e-mail will be send to you. In this e-mail you will find an hyperlink to activate your TBA login, your browser will open with a new Carerix session, now you can login

Background picture in your Login screen 

Would you like to change the background picture in your Login screen?
Read our article: Login Screen - Background picture

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