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Check file completeness
Check file completeness

How to check the completeness of files?

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You want to check the completeness (with that the quality) of a candidate, contact and company file. There are document templates available in the library that can be used for this. This article describes how to do this.


In this method, we use the candidate file. The method is exactly the same for contact and company files.

Installation template

  1. Log in as Administrator

  2. Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Document templates' | [Library]

  3. Search in the library, at 'candidate (overview)', the template "Candidates dossier quality"

  4. Click on [Install] to install the template

  5. Log out/in to save your changes

Use template

  1. Go to 'Candidates'

  2. Use a Search filter to make a selection of candidates.

  3. Click on 'Choose report' and choose the report 'Candidates dossier quality'
    You see a overview of the fields that are not filled in.

  4. Click on the number at the end of the line to expand the line and see which files it contains. 

  5. Open these files and change them.


  • Install the other templates at the same time, so you only have to log out/in once. You find them at 'Contact (overview)' and 'Company (overview)'

  • Let every recruiter check their own Candidate, contact and Company files by using the following Search filter:
    "Owner" | "is equal to" | [the recruiter]
    "Creation date" | "is on or after" | [date of your choise]

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