You want to export the address data of candidates to an Excel file from Carerix.
A selection of candidates is used as an example. This page explains how to perform this action.



This possible to export :

  • Candidates
  • Contacts
  • Companies

To display the data a document template is needed. To export to Excel you can make use of two templates in the Template Library.

  • Mailmerge
  • Export summary Excel

These need to be installed before use (made available by the administrator).
Behind every document template a description is displayed, describing the data that is to be exported to Excel.


In the example below, a Candidate Mailmerge document template is installed and the data is exported to Excel.

Installing the document template "Mailmerge"

  1. Click Maintenance | "Templates"
  2. Go to tab Document 
  3. Click on [Library]
  4. Go to Candidates (overview)
  5. Click on [Install] behind 'Mailmerge'
  6. Log out and log in again to use the template.

Exporting to Excel

  1. Click on "Candidates"
  2. Make a selection of candidates that have to be exported
  3. Click on the arrow next to "Choose Rapport..." and choose 'Mailmerge'
  4. Click on OK

The data is now being opened in Excel.

Note :
If no candidates are selected, the data of all candidates is exported.

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