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Export the address data of candidates to an Excel file from Carerix

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You want to export the address data of candidates to an Excel file from Carerix.
A selection of candidates is used as an example. This page explains how to perform this action.



We have default templates available to export the following files:

  • Activities

  • Candidates

  • Job orders

  • Contacts

  • Companies

  • Placements

  • Weekly timesheets

  • Monthly timesheets

You can also contact our support team to see if we can make other export files available for your application.

To display the data a document template is needed. To export to Excel you can make use of two templates in the Template Library.

  • Mailmerge

  • Export [file] to Excel

These need to be installed before use (made available by the administrator).
Behind every document template a description is displayed, describing the data that is to be exported to Excel.


In the example below, a Candidate Mailmerge document template is installed and the data is exported to Excel.

Installing the document template "Mailmerge"

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Templates'

  • Go to tab Document 

  • Click on [Library]

  • Go to Candidates (overview)

  • Click on [Install] behind 'Mailmerge'

  • Log out and log in again to use the template.

Exporting to Excel

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Candidates'

  • Make a selection of candidates that have to be exported

  • Click on the arrow next to "Choose Rapport..." and choose 'Mailmerge'

The data can now be opened in Excel.

Note: If no candidates are selected, the data of all candidates is exported.

You can also read the following related article: Mail Merge for address labels in MS-Word


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