You want to send a mailing from Carerix, but you do not want to be seen as a spammer. Since people have become very wary about unsolicited e-mail, you should be cautious.

Here are a few guidelines to follow.
When in doubt: Do not send the mailing.


You are recognizable as the sender

As a Carerix customer, you can send Mailings. Of course these are part of your normal activities. State clearly in your message that you are the sender.

The message is about your normal activities

It is fine to send your relations a chistmas greeting, or keep them informed through a Newsletter. You should not abuse the Carerix facilities to advertise for (activities of) a third party.

Reason for receipt

Tell the recipient why he got the message, e.g. "You received this Newsletter because you registered at [name of your company]".

Opt out

Give the recipients an obvious way to get of the list, so he will not get these messages in the future.
The "Groups" in Carerix are a perfect way to archieve this.

Policy of our provider

Note that we are bound by the terms and conditions of our provider: Terms and conditons (in Dutch).

And finally

If you cannot adhere to the above guidelines, do not send the mailing. If we receive complaints about sending Spam from our servers we can disconnect your e-mail services to make sure other customers are not bothered by your activities.

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