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Searching on Postal code
Searching on Postal code
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You want to search for candidates in a certain area. You achieve this by searching on postal codes (zip codes).

Searching on (parts of) Postal codes

When searching on Postal codes it is possible to insert only a part of the code to specify a certain city:

  • 10 → Amsterdam

  • 62 → Maastricht and surrounding area

  • 25 → The Hague

  • 1 → searches Postal codes 1000—1999

  • 10 → searches Postal codes 1000—1099

  • 100 → searches Postal codes 1000—1009

Possible combinations:

  • 10 25 30 35 → the four largest cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague.

Searching by distance

The following options can be used with distance search:

  • Candidates: Distance from home address max. 15 km from Postal code ...

  • Job orders: Distance from company max. 15 km from Postal code ...

(for "15" distances from 5 to 200 km can be selected)
NB: Distance search requires all digits from the Postal code.


Carerix optionally supports international distance search.


It is also possible to search contacts on Postal code:

  • Go to "Companies" and search on Postal codes.

  • Go to the tab "Contacts": A list is displayed describing the Contacts belonging to the selected Companies.

Keywords : UD-1178, postalcode

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