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It is much easier to offer candidates to a contact with an automatically generated CV. Our Document Template Library contains a number of standard CVs, including an anonymous CV. If you would like the layout of this CV template personalized or changed, please send a request to our Customer Success Team.


Open a candidate file and click 'Select Document'. Here you find the standard CV templates that are installed during the implementation of Carerix:

  1. CV for company - full name - HTML (full name in cv, no address information)

  2. Resume for company - first name - HTML (completely anonymous cv)

  3. Full CV for internal use - HTML (all information is shown)

  4. CV document - WORD (all information is shown)

You decide which standard CV you would like to have changed.

  • If there are no CV templates showing in your candidate file, please download them from the document library.


You send us an example document, showing exactly which fields (field names) you want to add to your CV template.

  1. Example of a current/desired CV;

  2. Tell us whether you prefer an HTML or Word version;

  3. Language, layout, font, colour. etc;

  4. Send a logo.

Usually the information shown above is enough (doc/pdf), but if you name specified field names that have to be taken from your application, please be as concise as possible. In that case an instruction form works best.

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