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Change user to Candidate
Change user to Candidate
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A user can now also become a candidate to ensure HR-data, like salary, can be registered for a user in a simple way. Creating a candidate record for a user is done by use of the candidate button in the detail screen of a user. The candidate file as a result can not also be a contact. When candidate records for users are already created they can be put together with the new candidate records.


  1. In the user records, click the 'Candidate' button and press [Save].

  2. Now find the already created candidate record of this user in the 'Candidate' overview

  3. Merge the existing candidate with the new one from this candidate record.

  4. If necessary, complement the candidate information

A candidate that is also a user can not be merged with another candidate.
A candidate that is also a contact can also not be merged with a candidate that is also a user.

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