User Roles

Only the Administrator can access User role settings.

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This page contains information on the creation and maintenance of User roles.
Only the Administrator is allowed to access the User Role Settings

Note: It is very important to never remove or edit the standard role of Administrator


  • Click 'Management' | 'User Roles'

  • Click [New], to create a new User role
    Select Basic User role
    (This is an indication of the default values for this role)
    Fill-in a suitable Name and Description.

  • Click [Save]

  • Select within the Settings the access rights this user role has in the Carerix modules and at what level


  • None: Cannot view any items

  • Owner: the items of which he is the owner

  • Office: the items of the office the owner of the item belongs to

  • All: All items (unrestricted of any owner or office)

Note: That, in the case of the use of Business Lines, the visibility of Candidates and Job Orders is also limited to the Business Line of the owner of these items.


  • Visible: The module is invisible for this user role
    View: Read only
    Create: Creating new files is allowed but changing of existing files is not
    Update: Save changes in all files
    Delete: Remove all files

  • Click [Save]

Effects visibility of modules in Carerix

Creating and/or adapting User Roles influences the use and visibility of the following parts in Carerix.

  • Users

  • Email templates

  • Email attachment

  • Document templates

  • Search profiles

  • References

  • Triggers

  • Admin/Bonus Tab

Also there are various tables associated with the user roles.

  • Status Candidate

  • Status Activities

  • Document Type Attachment

Specifications per part


A user role must be selected for each user. It is therefore important to first create the required user roles and then create users. Read more information about setting up a user here.

Email templates

By email template it can be specified for which user role(s) this specific template should be visible. In this way, you are able to make an email template (un)available for a specific User role via the "Available for" options in the template.


If it appears that an attachment in an email is no longer visible to certain Users, read this article. Also the tabs in the email box "All received" and "All sent" are only visible if this is set as such in the User role.

Document templates

Visibility for each User role can also be selected for each document template. Select or exclude specific User roles to prevent Users from inadvertently accessing templates such as confidential reports. Use the "Set available for" option in the template for this.

Trigger Qualifiers

If the option to use qualifiers on triggers is activated, User roles can be used via code.

Admin/Bonus Tab

The 'Admin tab' for Candidates and the 'Bonus tab' for Job orders and Users can only be seen when this has been chosen in the User role.

Status Candidate

In the items in the "Candidate Status" table, visibility per User role can be selected. Only the selected User roles can see this Candidate status and therefore choose and change Candidate files with this status.

Status Activities

In the table items of the tables "Status Task", "Status Note" and "Status Appointment" there is the option to view and adjust the "Status" only for the selected User roles. Only the selected User roles can choose this Candidate status and change candidate files with this status.

Document Type Attachment

In the items in the "Candidate Status" table, visibility per User role can be selected. Only the selected User roles can view and add attachments of this document type. A common problem is that Users can no longer see a certain (type of) attachment. Read this article for further explanation. Or this article when uploading a CV attachment does not work.

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