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Can't change rate anymore
Can't change rate anymore
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You work with Placements and you want to change the Rate in a Placement.
However, you can't change the rate. This article explains how you can work with a different rate. 


Once a Rate is used in an invoice line, the Rate is locked. It is accountancy undesirable that you can change the rates afterwards. 


If you want to add a modification afterwards (for example when the rate was to low) then to the following:

  1. Go to Files | Placements

  2. Open the 'Placement';

  3. Give the rate line an end date.

  4. Click [Rate +1] to add a new rate line. 

  5. Fill in the fields and make sure that the start date is just after the end date you set for the old rate. 

  6. Click [Save] here is an example of how the new rate lines could look like
    "Wrong" rate| 100 | 01-01-2013 | 13-01-2013
    "New" rate | 115 | 14-01-2013 | [empty]

This way the right rate is set for the following invoices. To make up for the differences in the past, create a new invoice line at the placement.

Keywords : UD-1914

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