Invoice lines Module
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The Invoice lines module offers the following possibilities:

  • Managing Invoice lines

  • Creating automatic invoice lines based on the timesheets

  • Connecting invoice lines

The screenshot shows the Invoice lines page.
The numbers in the image correspond to the following options:

  1. Concept: All concept (suggested) invoice lines

  2. Accepted; all final invoice lines

  3. Invoiceable; lines for invoices ready for invoicing

  4. Invoiced; lines for invoiced invoices

  5. Exportable; lines for invoices ready for export

  6. Exported; lines for exported invoices

  7. Dropped; lines for dropped invoices

  8. New; create a new invoice line


To invoice, information of a placement about the finances (salary, rate) is used.    

  • An invoice contains multiple invoice lines

  • W&S fees: Invoicing by manually created invoice lines;
    - Linked to the job order
    - Retainer- and succesfee
    - Personality test
    - Job order advertisement vacancy

  • Detachment: invoicing based on filled out timesheets;
    - Hours worked x rate
    - Including overtime
    - transport compensation
    - Diverse costs: lunch etc.

Keywords: UD-223

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