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Can't choose medium anymore
Can't choose medium anymore
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The publications in Carerix need to have a medium. The medium of the publication determines where the publication needs to be visible. Publications with the medium 'corporate website' are placed on your own website.


The medium "own website" is suddenly no longer available when creating a new publication. Although the is medium is visible under maintenance.


The medium is not valid anymore because it has an incorrect parent:
In general the parent of a medium needs to be empty.
An exception are the media (job boards) that are used for placement through Knollenstein; These have the parent "Knollenstein".

A medium can't have itself as parent.


To make the medium available again, you can correct it using the following method:

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Media' and search for the medium

  • Choose the empty line as parent

  • [Save] the changes

The medium is available again.

Keywords : UD-1800

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