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Email with winmail.dat attachment
Email with winmail.dat attachment
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You are receiving emails in Carerix with an attachment called winmail.dat. 


Winmail.dat is a container for non-standard email content, generated by MS Outlook when configured as RTF format. Only MS Outlook itself can handle this format, all other email clients, including MS Outlook express and Windows Mail, will show the winmail.dat attachment.

so the only way to fix this, is to have the sender of the email reconfigure their MS Outlook client to use the globally supported HTML format to send emails. 

Steps to reconfigure Outlook

Setting Global Properties

Set the Global Properties to have Outlook by default send your email in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML):

  • Outlook 2007: Select Tools > Options > Email Format > Internet Options. Select Convert to HTML format.

  • Outlook 2010 and 2013: Select File > Options > Mail and then scroll to the bottom of the dialog. Select Convert to HTML format.

Meeting requests or voting buttons may not work with this setting, but you can override the format on select messages.

Keywords: UD-1133

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