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Frequency of sending and receiving e-mail
Frequency of sending and receiving e-mail
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Carerix sends its e-mails and receives them from the mail server. This occurs with a certain frequency. it is possible that this may cause a difference between the time an e-mail is sent and received. The frequency with which e-mail is sent and received from the mail server is a default and cannot be edited. 

Receiving e-mail

  • Carerix receives its e-mail approximately every 5 minutes when you are active in Carerix. When you are not actively using Carerix, this will occur four times per hour. 

  • Don't want to wait? When you click the "Check e-mail" button (envelope and circling arrow icon, see image below) in your inbox, you will immediately collect any 'waiting' e-mail into your inbox.

Sending E-mail

  • An outgoing e-mail is send directly, unless you have selected (there is an option to do so within your e-mail, at the bottom of your screen) to send it with delay.

  • Bulk mail (100 mails or more): 5 / 15x per hour, depending on the amount of mails. It can take a certain amount of time before all e-mails are sent. In the meantime they will already show in your 'Sent' folder, with the status 'To be sent'.

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