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IMAP how does it work
IMAP how does it work

How does IMAP work

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You use POP or IMAP for reading e-mails in your inbox

How it works

You've chosen IMAP? Then reading e-mails with Carerix works as follows:

  • Carerix will fetch the e-mail constantly and will receive automatically the latest e-mails from the IMAP-server;

  • E-mail messages till one month ago are fetched from the mailserver. This is important when you first start using IMAP. Because there could be much older e-mails on the server;

  • Carerix doesn't only fetch the new e-mails from the server, but also changed e-mails;

  • Carerix can't read in subfolders. The messages in a folder, within a folder aren't visible and won't be synchronized;

  • The following changes in e-mails are synchronized: status read/unread, relocate to another folder;

  • E-mails on the mailserver won't be synchronized if the mail:
    - Has been deleted from the server;
    - Has been relocated on the mailserver to a non-linked folder;
    - Is older than a month.

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