Read emails with Carerix from the mailbox using the following protocols:

  • POP - Carerix and the mailserver are not synced. It means whatever changes you make in your mailclient will not be transferred to the webmail inbox.
  • IMAP - Carerix syncs with the mailserver. Any changes you make in your mailclient will instantly appear on your webmail inbox.


  • POP and IMAP are the most common protocols for reading emails. Every well-known email program (Outlook, Apple mail, Thunderbird...) 



Use POP when you read your emails with just one email program. Choose for example Carerix as your only email program. The benefits are:

  • Read email when a computer and internet is available.
  • Every email is automatically linked to a candidate and a job order file so they are easy to be found. 
  • The mailbox on the server doesn't fill up.


Use IMAP when you read your e-mail with more then one email program. This can be a good choice when:

  • You want to use Carerix and Outlook.
  • You want to use Carerix and the standard email program from your smartphone or tablet.

With IMAP, you use two or more email programs at the same time and you see the same emails in every program. This is because the emails are in the mailbox on the server and the email program 'just looks' to whatever is on the server. 


For some email systems is POP or IMAP not an option. There is a third possibility: The administrator of your e-mail system can setup a so called 'Relay'. The emails that arrive in your system will be send to your Carerix email address.

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