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Layout of e-mail messages is wrong
Layout of e-mail messages is wrong


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You send e-mail messages from Carerix. These look good on your screen. But at the receiving end, the layout of the e-mail is different:

  • The font is different;

  • The text-size is not consistent;

  • Extra white spaces / to many enters.

Or you receive a reply on an e-mail and you see that your original message looks different than the message you have sent at the time.

Reason 1: Paste from a text editor

The text, or a part of the text, is pasted from a text editor like Microsoft Word. Layout styles are given to the text and these conflict with the styles of the e-mail.

If you paste the text from a text editor, make sure to paste the text as plain text by clicking on the special paste icon in the e-mail window or by using the key combination 'ctrl + shift + v' (on apple: 'cmd + shift + v')

Reason 2: Styles in the e-mail header are not complete

In your e-mail header are styles defined that specify how the text should look in your e-mail message. It is possible that some styles are not fully defined.

  • Add some more CSS-styles to the e-mail header.
    - See the tips below

  • Restore the e-mail header to the default header.

  • Check if all the codes in the template are correct.

Reason 3: Reply to another message

Sometimes when you send a reply on a message, the style from the original message is adopted. 

It is hard to fix this because you need to bear in mind all the different situations and elements. One solution is to let Carerix create a custom made e-mail header for you. Another solution is to reset the header to its default state.


You cannot guarantee that the style is exactly the same in every different situation. The reason for this is that different e-mail clients, use different style codes.

For tips, see the following websites:

Keyword: UD-2449

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