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Line spacing in e-mail templates
Line spacing in e-mail templates

How to set the line spacing in e-mail templates

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When you send an e-mail form Carerix, you always use a template. In the template it is set if the text needs to be plain text or HTML. With HTML you notices that with 'Enter' you always get a empty line.


Reason for the extra blank line is the following:
HTML knows two codes for "next line".

<br>, a "break"
This will go to the next line

<p>, a "paragraph"
This wil start the next paragraph, usually a blank line will get under this.

Within HTML the 'Enter' is seen as: "Start a new paragraph". Thats explains the blank line.


There are two ways to go to the next line, without a blank line:

Shift + Enter

By using "Shift + Enter" you add a <br>. So you don't start a new paragraph, and you'll go to the next line without a blank line.


You can also modify the HTML "style" definition. 

With a CSS style definition you can specify the distance between two paragraphs. You add the following code on top of your template:

<STYLE type=text/css>
body, li, p {
margin: 0;


The best way to define style is in the e-mail Header.

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