Let your professionals, employees and/or freelancers maintain their personal profile and administer their worked hours

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Let your professionals, employees and/or freelancers maintain their personal profile and administer their worked hours through the Carerix Professional Portal. You can use the professional portal to let candidates update their profiles, follow up their consent for GDPR, indicate their availability, upload most recent resumes and fill in their timesheets.
You can choose which fields of the candidate profile are available and editable by the candidate. The candidate can add additional information on relevant working experience, education and skills. Furthermore he or she has the opportunity to download and see indicated documents attached to the candidate file in Carerix and the recruiters contact information is available in a separate tab.

The recruiter works in Carerix, the candidate only gains access to the portal.


All candidates can login. Only candidates with the specific statuses can see their full profile and/or timesheets.

You can provide a candidate with credentials using an emailtemplate, which contains url, username and a link to set a password.


Candidates can fill in their timesheets in the portal on a placement, only if the placement meets the following requirements:

  1. A start date in the past, and an end date empty or in the future;

  2. There is an active rate (nót checked ‘no invoicing’), with also start date in the past and end date empty or in the future;

  3. The declaration type of the used rate has checked ‘empty timesheetline for every placement’ (in the table-item).

Upload attachment to a timesheet

In a specific timesheet, the candidate can upload attachments, for example declarations. These will enter Carerix with a specific type.


Candidates can only see documents that have specific ‘document type of attachment’s. 

Please note that it’s not possible to differ between up- or download. Attachments can always be both up- and downloaded.


Specific reports can be made  available in the portal.


Privacy statement

The privacy statement is can be visible in the footer of the portal. There are two options to show the statement:

  1. A link to a specific webpage;

  2. A specific document.

If you have the statement in a specific document, you can upload the document as an attachment to the main office in your Carerix application. Give the attachment the type ‘Privacy statement NL/EN/FR/DE’


The candidate has multiple options to make requests to his owner in Carerix. These options for requests are visible in the portal if the candidate clicks on his name in the top-right corner, and then on ‘privacy’.

Every option sends two mail: one for the candidate for confirmation of his request, and one to the owner of the candidate in Carerix.

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