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Field information

Comma separated list of candidate/contact attributes that should NOT be cleared when the 'Archive Candidate/Contact' button is used. If this setting is empty, no 'Archive Candidate/Contact' button will be shown.

The Carerix Administrator is able to set the fields and related items that must be deleted with the Anonymization Tool (GDPR)

By default the following fields will be saved in an anonymization

  • First name

  • Matches

  • Placement/Jobs

  • userCompanies

  • Timesheets

  • Last name will be reduced to just the first letter, e.g. Johnson will be reduced to J

The qualifiers that are mentioned in this setting field will NOT be deleted when using the anonymization tool. 

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Settings'

  • Block 'Attributes and fields', field 'keepEmployeeAttributes/KeepContactAttributes', enter the qualifiers

The anonymization tool can, amongst other attributes, be edited to keep the content of the following fields:

  • Attachments - Attachments tab

  • AttributeChanges - Keep history of monitored fields changes

  • Educations - Education tab -> Educations fieldset

  • Finances - Admin tab -> Compensations/Deductions/Regulations

  • Jobs - Placements tab

  • Languages - Skills->Languages

  • Matches - Matches tab

  • Skills - Skills tab -> Professional skills

  • _todos - Activities tab

  • Trainings - Education tab -> Cources fieldset

  • AllWeekHours - Timesheets

  • WorkHistories - Experience tab

  • toUser.groupNodes - Groups

  • toDoUsers - Newsletters

  • Documents - Admin tab -> Documents -> Documents

  • toSourceNode - Source

  • toUser.singleOwner - Owner

  • toUser.toSingleStatusNode - Status

Keywords: UD-2038, keepemployeeattributes/keepcontactattributes

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