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Double bracket method
Double bracket method

When sending a e-mail you get the notification: "Please enter {{...}} first.", what does this mean?

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To prevent that the sender forgets to add essential information to an e-mail, there is the double bracket method {{...}}. An e-mail can't be send if there are any double brackets in the text. The sender is forced to replace the information in the double brackets with its own text. 

The effect of double brackets in a text:

  • The user gets a notification to enter {{...}} first.

  • The message doesn't send before the text with the brackets is replaced or removed.


  • The bracket method can also be used as a reminder to the user to double check the information before the message is sent. An example is the subject.


  • The bracket function does only work if the double brackets are placed consecutively: {{...}}

  • Realplayer can cause issues in Carerix when sending a message. It can be fixed by deleting RealPlayer. 

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