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Starter Package Implementation Guide
Starter Package Implementation Guide
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Welcome to Carerix!

This page is for you if you have chosen for our Starter package. 

The Starter Package Implementation Guide is here to guide you and your organization smoothly through the implementation of Carerix. 

On this page you will find the following:

  • What is the Starter Package

  • Implementation process in highlights

  • Communication Matrix

  • Preparation checklist

  • Need to knows

What is the Starter Package?

The Starter Package Implementation is a intensive kickstart for your organization to working with Carerix. Our Projects team works together with you to set up a basic application and configure processes for a best practice solution. The scope of the implementation is standardized as much as possible to ensure a high quality implementation in a limited period of time.

Included in the Starter Package is the following:

  • Two days on-site training for key users and end users

  • One day on-site consultancy on configuring your Carerix application

  • Carerix standardized data import (basic data of: candidates, CV’s, contacts and or companies)

  • 1 corporate identity integration

  • 1 CV template in corporate identity

  • Rest API information or WordPress plugin for connection with your website

  • Consultancy punch card

Implementation process in highlights

The implementation will take 2 - 4 weeks in total. In these weeks you will be trained on-site in two days to configure and use Carerix effectively. A consultant will be on site for a full day to kickstart the configuration. After the consultancy you will further configure the application and embed your processes.

The implementation process has the following stages, please visit each page to learn about the stages:

Communication matrix

Help us help you by knowing who to contact for what.

In our communication matrix you can find who to contact for what matter and how to contact them. We have also described all the relevant roles within Carerix and their responsibilities.

Go to the communication matrix page to learn about everyone involved.

Preparation checklist

The two days of training and day consultancy are a kickstart to help your organization and recruiters to work efficiently and effectively with Carerix. A lot of information will be shared with you in these three days and the consultant will advise on the most optimal configuration based on best practices.

To make the most of these three days there are topics that you can prepare in advance.

Please check this page to see what you can prepare.

Need to knows

Based on our experience with numerous implementations we have made an overview of important things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and successful implementation process. You can find this list here.

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