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Time registration and Invoicing
Time registration and Invoicing

This module is only availible in the Carerix Staffing edition

Updated over a week ago

In Carerix there are extra available modules ‘Registration of hours’ and ‘Invoicing’. 

The configuration of Invoicing and the (optional) related link to an external financial system is always done by a technical consultant on location. Mostly, this is already covered in your contract with Carerix. 

Of course, if you are already live with Carerix without these modules, it’s possible to implement them as well. This implementation will be scheduled in several project stages and we will advise you.

Concerning the registration of hours, you can choose to implement the configuration yourself, or with help of a technical consultant.

Please aks your accountmanager or projectmanager for the possibilities and the costs involved if you require help from Carerix Projects.

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