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Communication matrix
Communication matrix

Information on the roles and responsibilities of each project member and who you need to contact with what type of questions.

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  • During every Carerix implementation, there are various roles that make sure that the interests of all stakeholders have been taken into account.

  • Please bear in mind that these roles are in place only during the implementation process.

  • Once your Carerix application is fully operational there will be other communication channels that are also described below.

Administrator - Customer 

Both Carerix and your organization are dependent on the administrator for configuring the application.

The administrator is often also the first point of contact for Carerix during the implementation (besides in situations when your organization also appoints a project manager, responsible for the implementation of Carerix).

  • The administrator is an advanced Carerix user

  • The administrator determines a realistic GoLive date (usually after the administrator training)

  • The administrator is responsible for the implementation and configuration of Carerix

  • The administrator receives all specification e-mails regarding templates, interfaces etc.

  • For information on how to select who is most suited for the role of the administrator, please visit: Need to knows.

After GoLive the administrator remains responsible for:

  • Questions regarding the configuration or other technical adjustments in CarerixBeing the first point of contact for questions from the end usersAsking questions to Carerix (on behalf of the remaining users)Requesting custom reports, templates, etc.Informing users about new functionalities from the Carerix Release notes.

Project manager - Carerix 

  • Guides you through the implementation process step-by-step. 

  • Keeps you updated on progress and will consult the administrator on planning and delivery.

  • Schedules (in consultation with you) the Administrator and User Training as well as the rest of the planning

  • Your first point of contact during the implementation process regarding the scope, planning, and budget

  • Should be consultant for all communication moments with the remaining project members from Carerix.

Business consultant - Carerix

  • Your point of contact regarding questions about the functional usage of Carerix

  • Provides training to the administrators and end users

  • Guides you on how to best configure Carerix based on your personal needs but also our Carerix best practice experience

  • Is often planned for assignments at the client site or remotely and is, therefore, not always available for unplanned calls or requests.

  • All communication with the business consultant takes place through scheduled appointments. 

Account manager - Carerix 

  • Contact for the administrator on all contractual matters such as adding or reducing the number of licenses

  • Escalation line in situations when there is a conflict or misunderstanding within the project team

  • Contact for demo's of new products and services of Carerix

Questions, requests, issues during the implementation 

  • The Carerix Projects team is responsible for your implementation.

  • The team consists of consultants (business, functional, technical), template developers, project managers, and a planning coordinator.

  • During the implementation, you can send your questions, requests or issues to our Projects Team. This mailbox is the quickest way to have the right specialist within the team answer your question.

  • Please make sure your request is clearly specified, including clear steps, instructions, visuals.

  • Emergency is a bug or an error message that does not allow you to access or work optimally in your Carerix application.

  • First check for the latest update in case there are incidents that Carerix is already aware of and working on.

  • In case your issue has not been reported as an incident and your application is still not working optimally, please contact our Emergency Hotline: +31 65 514 08 23. 

  • The Carerix Customer Success Team will give your issue the priority it deserves .

After project completion

Once the implementation has been completed you will receive a formal e-mail from your project manager to inform you about the project closure and follow-up procedures.

When your whole organization has been trained and the Carerix application is in operational use, your first point of contact becomes the Carerix Customer Success department.

The Carerix Customer Success department:

  • Handles questions and requests coming from all already implemented customer of Carerix.

  • You can send your question or request to our Customer Success Team.

  • Please make sure your request is clearly specified, including clear steps, instructions, visuals.

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