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Preparation check list
Preparation check list
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Email a list of training participants prior the training

Provide a list of all participants during the consultant's visit including their names, roles within your organization as well as roles during the project. 

You can send this list to your project manager via


  • Does your organisation have more than one locations or brands? 

  • Are there employees who work for more than one locations/brands? 

Users and user roles

  • Who needs to have access to Carerix? 

  • Who should be able to see which information in Carerix?

Work processes:

  • Prepare visuals (i.e. flow charts, power point etc.) or at least a list of your work processes that illustrate how you current work and which steps you current follow.

  • Prepare visuals (i.e. flow charts, power point etc.) or at least a list of your required business/recruitment processes that illustrate  how you would like to work in the future.

  • Think about the KPI's you would like to measure (i.e. what information is important for your dashboards and management reporting?).

  • What kind of email templates do you use in your communication to candidates and clients?

  • Think about eventual interfaces with other systems

Match phases 

The match phases will support you in your day to day business to show exactly where a candidate is in the proces. Every step is this proces can be a specific match phase. So a match phase can either be something that you have to to do or something that has been done and is waiting for the next step in the process to be taken. In order to create the match phases specifically for you company think of the proces that your candidate goes through from applying to, eventually, a placement at one of your customers. All these steps are the basis for setting up your match phases. Match + Stages

Function group-Function & Synonyms

Provide, or at least prepare, a list of functions and function groups you encounter in your day to day business. 

Try to avoid a great diversity of functions. The more functions you have the more difficult it will be to find candidates. After all candidates only use general functions in their CV/Resume

Example 1: Sales manager BtB→ You define the function Sales Manager. Related function names will be part of the synonyms in order to have a proper functioning CV extraction. As a next step you can define a table within Skills with the component Sales and an item Business to Business.

Example 2: Sr. Sales manager or Senior Sales manager must be: Sales manager and with the Function level table (Job order file) mark Senior.

Top 30 tables

Provided is a list of all the tables in Carerix, where you can find them and included is a column with the Top 30 Tables as defined by Carerix Consultants. If you complete (deactivate and add tables) the Top 30 your application has a solid base to start working from. After go-live you can of course keep on adding tables if needed.

Do not forget to also:

  • Send an example of your desired custom cv template

  • Send an example of your desired email signature

  • Call with the technical consultant to discuss the data import

  • Prepare the data for the import

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