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Data import for (new) Carerix customers
Data import for (new) Carerix customers


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In case you would like data from your current system to be imported to Carerix, then there are several steps to be taken. The import in the Starter Package consists of an import of basic data of candidates, contacts, companies and CV's.  Below you will find these three steps explained.

Scoping the import

To ensure a successful import your project manager will arrange a call with a technical consultant. Goal of this call is to determine which data will be imported and how this data will be delivered to Carerix. The technical consultant will explain important actions to do when exporting the data from your old system and how to prepare this data ready for import.

Standard delivery sheet

Carerix uses a Standard delivery sheet that you can use to deliver your data to us. This sheet will help you with mapping your data to Carerix fields, because the sheet contains the most important Carerix fields per entity (eg. candidate, contact, company, etc.). You can simply past your data into the sheet in the right columns. The technical consultant will also explain how to fill the Standard delivery sheet with your data. 

You can request the standard delivery sheet from your account manager.

Planning and scope

Based on this call the project manager will plan a slot in our planning for the import and provide you with a scope and the hours needed for the import. The import usually takes place right before or during the GoLive date. The deadline for delivery of the exported and prepared data is dependent on the GoLive date and will be determined together with you.

Data export

The export of data from your old system will be performed by you. If your require advice, please contact your project manager. 

Data conversion

Export format

  • Export the data to Excel or .csv format.

  • Convert this data to the Standard delivery sheet that the technical consultant provided.

  • On the first horizontal row you insert a name for each column.

  • Send the excel or .csv file to the technical consultant or to the project manager.

Import format

The technical consultant imports the data and updates you on the progress regularly. Import activities that are outside the scope will bring additional costs. The project manager will discuss this with you.

Import checking

  • Check in Carerix whether the import is done correctly by reviewing every imported entity and check if the fields are filled correctly and whether the links between dossiers are right.

  • Report any anomalies to the technical consultant.


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