Every e-mail template in your Carerix system has a header and a footer. This header and footer are set at one central place. Because of this it is possible to edit the font in all e-mails. This is also the best way for a personal e-mail signature under every e-mail.


Changes in the header and footer can cause situations where the e-mail templates won't function correctly.

Note beforehand

By undermentioned instructions are you able to return to the default e-mail header and footer. It is possible of course to make modifications yourself, but the Carerix helpdesk can't assist you. They will refer you to our Services team or a partner of Carerix. They will assist you with making modifications yourself, or realize a customized template for you.


First, try to find the flaw in the header or footer. Is this not possible, restore the header and footer to their default values..


Restore the header to its default state by following this method:

  1. Log in as Administrator

  2. Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Settings

  3. go to block 'Template parts'

  4. Click 'Default' on the right of the field emailHeader to restore this field to its original sate.

  5. Click [Save] to save your changes.


Restore the e-mail footer to its default state by following this method:

Note: First make a backup of your current e-mail footer before setting the footer to default. 

  1. Log in as Administrator

  2. Go to 'Maintenance' - 'Settings' - 'Template parts'

  3. Click 'Default' on the right of the field emailFooter to restore this field to its original sate.

  4. Click {Save} to save your changes.


  • The Carerix footer supports HTML. More information about HTML-codes can be found on the internet. A good reference is W3schools.

  • With a footer, you only have to refer to the field. The specific footer doesn't have to be included in every template itself.

  • Do you want to have a customized footer created for you. Please contact our Services Team.

Reply without signature

It is usual in replies and forwards to not repeat the whole footer. This is controlled due to the following code:

  • In the default footer:

<cx:if condition="nosignature=nil">
...tekst van footer...
  • Most template will include the footer by:

<cx:include template="$settings.template.emailFooter"/>

The 'nosignature' is not defined and the text of the footer will be included.

  • At Reply and Forward templates:

<cx:let name="nosignature" value="1">
<cx:include template="$settings.template.emailFooter"/>

 The 'nosignature' is defined for the footer, so the footer will not be included.

By placing (parts of) the footer within or out the 'if' you can decide which part of the footer is used at a reply or forward. 

If you would like to have the complete footer all the time, so also at replies and forwards, you can delete the

 <cx:let name="nosignature" value="1"></cx:let> from the template.

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