When you want your users to have access to a communal e-mail address next to their own personal address (e.g. info@name.com), this needs to set up. You can solve this by setting up a redirect or by creating an extra user with the communal e-mail address.


One user is responsible for the distribution of mail from a general e-mail address (e.g. info@name.com)

  1. Set up a general e-mail address (e.g. info@example.com) as a redirect or alias to forward all e-mail to one user
  2. Let this user distribute the mails to other users by changing the Owner of the e-mails to the user that needs to receive this e-mail. When you change the Owner of an e-mail, the mail disappears from the mailbox of the original Owner and appears in the mailbox of the (new) Owner. Tip: before doing this, set the status to 'Unread' and then change the Owner, zo the new Owner sees the e-mail as Unread. 
  3. If the mail distributor user would be absent, other users can read the incoming e-mail through their tab "All Received". 

Note: Use for this e-mail address the option to retrieve e-mail through POP and do not leave a copy on the mailserver. When changing the owner of an e-mail, it disappears from your inbox. When you leave a copy on the mailserver, it could be that Carerix retrieves the mail from the server once again because the e-mail appears to be 'new' to it. 

All users are responsible for a general e-mail address

  1. The mail arrives in one mailbox on the mailserver
  2. Create a new user in Carerix 
  3. Configure the e-mail settings as usual in the general e-mail address to read the mailbox on the server;
  4. Let the employees log in with this user information to answer mail in the 'general' inbox. 


  • Set a search profile in the tab "All Received" so colleagues can easily check the incoming e-mails on info@example.com. Set up the search profile as "To" - contains - "info@example.com". 
  • Create an e-mail template with a set sender address (info@example.com) for your users if you use a Redirect option.
  • Set up e-mail statuses in the inbox to optimalise the workflow (e.g. set which e-mail templates are set to Done/In Progress/etc, so colleagues which e-mails are or need to be worked on. 
  • Move e-mails to your own inbox or one of your colleagues by changing the "Owner" of the e-mail. 
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