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Sharing search profiles
Sharing search profiles
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The strength of Carerix is the compilation of complex search filters. You can save recurring search filters in a search profile. A saved search profile is visible to you.
Only an administrator can make search profiles available to other users.


Share existing search profile

Note: this is only possible for Administrators.

  • Click on [Filter profile]

  • Select the relevant search profile

  • Click [Save]

  • Check [Available for other users]

  • Choose user group(s)

  • Click [OK]

Share new search profile

Note: this is only possible for Administrators.

  • Create search rules

  • Click [Save]

  • Give appropriate name

  • Select Available for other users

  • Choose user group (s)

  • Optional: Select Standard search profile

  • Click [Save]

Change existing search profile

  • Select search profile

  • Change search filters / criteria

  • Click [Save]

For Administrators: If the search profile has already been shared, the change will also be saved for the other users.
For other user roles: If the search profile is already shared, the change will not be saved for other users. This can only be changed in plenary by the Administrator.

Keywords : UD-1289

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