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Token based Access - Allow Login from specific locations (IP)
Token based Access - Allow Login from specific locations (IP)

Settings | Token Based Access | ActivatedTokenWorkPeriod

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You would like to grant access to the Carerix system only from specific locations (like your office).
This article explains how to configure your Carerix system for this.

It is possible to restrict access by setting up Token Based Access in a specific way:

Making exceptions

First, we create a list of IP-addresses that should be granted access.

  • Log in as an Administrator

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Settings'

  • Block 'Token Based Access'

  • Set "ActivatedTokenWorkPeriod" at value 1minute;

  • Set "IP-access" to the IP-addresses that are granted access, for example:,;
    Note that only numbers, dots, and comma's are allowed. No spaces.

  • Click [Save] to save the settings;

Set TBA Mandatory

Next, we configure that users need to use TBA but cannot request a token themselves:

  • Go to 'Management' | 'Users'

  • Open a User

  • Make the following settings at "Token Based Access settings"
    TBA active: ON
    User can activate for: make sure all are unchecked

  • [Save] the user profile

  • Repeat these steps for other users

The situation is now as follow: A token is mandatory but you cannot request one yourself. Unless you ask from one of the IP-number in the allow list.

Carerix Customer Success team access to your application

Add IP-number to the list so that Carerix Customer Success Team is able to access the system in order to give support.

Keywords : UD-844

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