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Create filter profile
Create filter profile

The creation and use of filter profiles

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Create Filter Profile

As example, we create a filter profile for new candidates from LinkedIn.

  1. Click 'Files' | 'Candidates'

  2. Create a search line: <Status> "is equal to" <New>

  3. Create a second search line by clicking "New Line": <Source> "is equal to" <Linkedin>

  4. Click [Save As...]

  5. Give the filter profile a name, e.g. "New candidates from Linkedin"

  6. Click [Save]

Use Filter Profile

  1. Click 'Files' | 'Candidates'

  2. Click on the drop-down menu "Filter profile",
    choose the option "New candidates from Linkedin"

  3. The Search Lines are now filled in automatically

  4. Click [Filter]

Please note:

  • As Administrator, it is possible to share filter profile with other users by clicking on the User role of choice by clicking [Available for other users].

  • The option "Default filter profile" makes this filter profile the default:
    This filter profile is automatically executed when the screen is opened.

Keywords : UD-1185

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