Some browsers report the certificate of the Carerix portals is not safe. This regards portals of which the address starts with
You don't need to worry, the portals are safe. The certificate has recently been replaced, but some browsers have cached the previous signature of the certificate, resulting in an error message that looks like NET::ERR_SSL_PINNED_KEY_NOT_IN_CERT_CHAIN

Please inform your portal users to flush the browser cache if this error would occur. After flushing the cache, refreshing the portal page should resolve the issue.

Flushing the browser cache
In Chrome:

  • Press ctrl-shift-del simultaneously.

  • Ensure time range is on All time.

  • Ensure Cached images and files is selected.

  • Press Clear data.

In Firefox:

  • Press the menu button.

  • Press on Preferences.

  • Press Advanced.

  • Press on the tab Network.

  • Press Clear now.

In Edge:

  • Press ctrl-shift-del simultaneously.

  • Select only Cached data and files.

  • Press Clear.

In Safari:

  • Press Develop.

  • Press Empty Caches.

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