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Your web builder needs access to the XML interface of Carerix. Only the administrator can access these settings.


Go to "Maintenance" > "Settings" > 'XML interface' (click on "+")

Here you can find the following fields:

  • AllowIP: fill in the IP addresses (separated by comma's) that your web builder uses to access the XML interface. Request them from your web builder.
    NB: Make sure that IP address is added to the list so that additional services on our end will work.
    NB: Note that the numbers should not contain any spaces, separation is only by comma. For example,,

  • RequireSSL: fill in YES or NO to indicate whether SSL (HTTPS) is required when invoking the XML interface. Consult your web builder about this.

  • xmlAlertPassword: fill in the password for the XML Alert Interface (Carerix Desktop). This function was used with Windows Vista widgets and is no longer relevant.
    This password is different from your Carerix password.

  • xmlPassword: This is where the XML password is stored, it is used to i.e. create API tokens so you can connect Carerix to other services. Changing this password will invalidate all previously created API tokens.


Since 2021 it is no longer necessary to have following IP address in the AllowIP field:



Keywords: UD-1285

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