With TBA you limit access to Carerix for un-authorized computers
TBA works with Cookies and is browser specific. You set different tokens for at home or on the road (e.g. on iPhone, PDA etc.).

  • Go to 'Management' | 'Users', select/open a user.
  • Go to Block 'Token Based Access Settings'
  • Check if the user has set a private e-mail address
    (Users -Block 'Contact Information')
  • Copy this e-mail address to the field TBA E-mail address

Install Token e-mail Templates

  • Go to "Maintenance"
  • E-mail templates, choose [Library...]
  • Install the following templates:
    - SYS: Home Token
    - SYS: Road Token
    - SYS: Work Token
  • This allows the TBA activation e-mails to be sent to the user.
  • The user activates his token through an activation e-mail that is received on the entered TBA address. Make sure that this e-mail address is accessible outside Carerix.
  • Reset all tokens with the 'Reset Tokens' button.


Keywords : UD-1297

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