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Release 5.0.189 // 9 January 2018
Release 5.0.189 // 9 January 2018

General Data Protection Regulation

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This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live. In this Carerix Release (5.0.189) the following updates are included:

General data protection regulation

On the 25th of May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation will be enforced. Apart from technological improvements to even better secure the personal data in our databases, we also strive to give you out-of-the-box tooling that will help you to fulfill your duties.

Consent status

To have privacy settings enabled please go to Settings --> Privacy and switch on the setting usePrivacyRestrictions by changing NO to YES.

In this update we will introduce the consent status field. In 90% of the cases you will need personal consent of a candidate as a legal base for storage of personal data. To monitor your candidates consent we added new status fields in the candidate records so you will be able to register its consent status.

The consent status field is available in the configuration profiles like the approval date. If needed or wanted it is possible to make the fields read-only or hide them from the interface for all or some users/user roles.

Disable automatic photo upload with Carerix Socialbrowser

Under GDPR law conditions for being allowed to save personal information are strengthened. Legal basis and goals to save personal information should be clear and present at any time. Pictures of people are considered a piece of sensitive personal data as race, origin, religion and appearance can be derived from it. Storage of sensistive personal data is subject to even stricter rules. Therefore, you might consider the storage of candidate pictures (in the sourcing stage) unwanted and unnecessary. Carerix offers the tools to import candidate data from LinkedIn and Xing profiles for some years already. Pictures have been part of the parsing since the beginning. Within the concept of privacy by design/privacy by default Carerix now offers the opportunity to exclude the profile picture from the candidate creation process.

If you want to switch off the photo upload:

1. as an admin go to your system settings

2. look for the Socialbrowser Linkedin/Xing panel

3. set the 'disablePhotoUpload'-setting to YES

4. save the settings and refresh the page/relogin to let the changes take effect

What else can you expect from Carerix with regard to GDPR

In the upcoming weeks and months we will update the system with other feature updates that together with the date and status of consent will provide you with a set of tools that will help you monitoring the status of the consent and if the consent is about to expire, revoked or renewed. Next to that we will offer tooling to allign interfacing software like your website, with this new funcionality.

Allready available

  • Anonimysation tool to easily anonimize candidates in case they wish their personal data to be removed from your database

  • Consent date registration field

January 2018

  • Candidate consent status field (including configuration profile options)

  • REST API Toolkit for webdevelopers to set consent date and status during application (for (web) developers)

  • Setting for Carerix Social browsers to prevent profile pictures to be downloaded while saving candidates (optional)

February 2018

  • Triggers to send notifications to recruiters upon the expiration of the consent

  • Triggers to change the consent status upon the consent date

  • Search lines for consent date & consent status

  • Overview updates for consent date & consent status

  • Update of the Carerix WordPress Plugin to set consent date and status during application

  • Update of the Carerix WordPress Plugin to add a checkbox and a link to your privacy statement next to the apply button

March/April 2018

  • Default white label e-mail template to ask candidates for (renewed) consent with automatic registration of result (YES/NO)

  • Default e-mail template to send a candidate all information you stored in your database

Additional offices - create & delete permissions

If you are using the option to link users to more than one office, you might have wondered why you were only able to see (read) and change files that originate from other offices than the main office the user was linked to. We do not want to bother you with a long technological story, but just wanted to tell that it now is also possible create and delete files that belong to one of the extra offices a user is linked to!

New Features

  • GDPR | Candidate consent status field (including configuration profile options)

  • GDPR | Candidate consent status and date field added to REST API


  • Carerix Socialbrowser / GDPR | Added the option to exclude profile pictures from being imported when creating a new candidate from LinkedIn/Xing.


  • Carerix Social Browser | Fixed a bug related to minor interface changes on LinkedIn profile page causing an error when trying to import candidate details

  • Candidates / default country | Fixed an issue that caused the default country selected in the new candidate wizard not being stored

  • Previews | Fixed a bug showing 'Placement-tabs' on previews even when the Carerix system had the placement module inactive

  • Leads & Opportunites | Fixed a bug that caused the stage remarks/instructions not to show in leads & opportunities

  • Source match | Fixed a bug causing the default source of manually created matches not being saved

  • Internet Explorer | Fixed a bug in IE that caused some lists not to be shown in the user interface, hence making it impossible to enter/change values

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