You want to send email from Carerix and you want the emails using your own email address as the sender-address. By default Carerix uses the Carerix email address
To change this to your own you configure as follows.


Configure your work email address as the sender address:

  1. Log in
  2. At the top right of Carerix, click "My account"
  3. Scroll to field "Work Email"
  4. Fill in your email address
  5. Save

Note: Blank new Emails will now be sent from the user-specified address.

E-mail with templates

To send Emails you need to configure the sender-address for each template as follows:

  • Log in as Administrator
  • Go to "Maintenance"
  • "Email templates"
  • Open the Email template you want to use
  • If not already done, set the sender address to "Work Email of User"
  • Save
  • Log out and in

You must set the sender address for each template separately.

Keywords : UD-1019

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