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How to create a task

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There are different methods to create a new task:

  1. By clicking on the +button next to "Task" (in the menu "Activities")
    The task isn't linked to a file but to yourself.

  2. By a file -> tab Activities
    The task is linked to a file.

  3. By the button "Create Task" in an e-mail.
    A task is created from an e-mail and is linked to the e-mail and the file.

You see the following fields: 

Owner: The owner of the task.
Kind: Put this on task, click "confidential" if other user's aren't allowed to see the task.
Status: The status of the task. This is created by an administrator in the table "Status Task".
Date and Time: When the task must be completed
Reminder: A pop-up window appears automatically when the deadline is almost at its expiration date.
Repetition: Repeat the task every 'x' days/ weeks/ months.
Expiration date: When the task expires.
Type task: Easy to separate task from itself.
Result: The result when the task is completed.
Estimated hours: The amount of hours you think you need to complete this task.
Realized hours: The amount of hours you actually needed.
Subject: The subject of the task. (This is a required field.)
Attachments: At this tab you can add attachments that are relevant for the task.

Set up

For creating a task, the administrator needs to set up the following things:

  • Table 'Type Task'

  • Table 'Result Task'

  • Table 'Status Task'

  • Set up the Triggers (for example as a result of the Status)

  • Create a notification e-mail template.


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