Contacting candidates or contacts on their birthday automatically is possible through the use of triggers. When the date of birth is recorded in the candidate or contact file, an Administrator can configure an automatically generated e-mail that will be sent on the birthday of the Candidate or Contact.
An e-mail template and trigger are used to accomplish this.


E-mail template

First you need to install the e-mail template from the Library

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'E-mail templates'

  • Search in the Template Library for ‘Birthday’
    This can be found under the title ‘Candidate (file)’
    Click on the button [Install]

The template is now installed and ready to be send automatically with the use of a Trigger.

Installing Trigger

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Triggers'

  • Choose [New]

Fill in the next fields:

  • Name: Automatically generated birthday mail

  • Active: Select

  • Description: Send e-mail on the birthday of the candidate

  • If event: Candidate Birth day within... 0 days

  • Then action: Send e-mail from template with code... BIRTHDAY

  • Save changes

For testing:
Wait till the birthday of a candidate.
A birthday message to the candidate should be visible in the “All send” e-mail box


  • You can change the E-mail Template to your own needs.

  • The relation between the Trigger and the template is made, based on the “Code” of the template (not on the name).

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