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Add a company to a Talentpool
Add a company to a Talentpool

How to add a company to a Talentpool

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Add Companies to Talentpools

  • Go to "FIles"

  • Go to "Talentpool"

  • Open a "Talentpool"

  • Go to the 'Companies tab'

  • Click the button [New}
    (to create a new company and immediately add it to the Talentpool)

Add Companie through Companies

  • Go to Companies (Left menu) 

  • Click on the '+' behind the Companies menu


  • Click the button [Add], search through your existing companies.

Talentpool visible in Companies

Once a company is added to a talentpool the particular Talentpool will appear in the list on the 'Talentpool tab' of the Company

  • Go to"Companies"

  • Go to tab 'Talentpools'

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