Use timesheets to register the worked hours of a candidate. This article describes the required fields that need to be filled in.


  1. Click 'Files' | 'Placements'

  2. Open a Candidate

  3. Fill in the following fields:
    - Startdate
    - Daily working hours
    - Weekly working hours
    - Approval Timesheets a selection needs to be made:
           a) Approvement hours not needed
           b) Approvement hours internally needed
           c) Approvement hours by company needed
           d) Company provides authorises hours
    - Rates must display:
          a) Purchase rate (per hour)
          b) The field Compensation and the field Currency must display the amount and currency used
          c) Startdate must be filled in
    - Invoice frequency displays:
          a) Standard (2 weeks)
          b) 4 weekly
          c) Monthly
          d) At project end

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