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OwnCloud File Management
OwnCloud File Management
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OwnCloud is the file management system that Carerix offers to customers that host files on our servers. It is the replacement for our legacy FTP, which will be end of life Q1 2023.

Important to mention: All files previously stored on your Carerix FTP are moved to a new server, however, URLs remain identical. This ensures the proper functioning of your templates.

Activation ownCloud

If you previously used the Carerix FTP to manage files and templates, you are entitled to use ownCloud. You will receive an invite to activate your account automatically, based on the contact info we have.

I did not receive an e-mail with activation link

In case you did not receive an email, please first check within your organisation if someone else did. If not you can contact Carerix customer support. They will be able to help out giving you access again.

Template hosting is a legacy service that is not offered anymore to new customers. If you did not use the FTP facilities before, it is not possible to use ownCloud. As an alternative templates can be stored in the Carerix database itself or on an external server not hosted by Carerix.

📖How it works

ownCloud is a filemanagement platform that provides more ease and comfort than old school FTP. The files are the same, the interface is different.


To access your Carerix hosted files go to Here you can login using your username and password:

After logging on you will land on your own ownCloud space and you can start editing your files, adding new ones or removing existing ones.

📝Create new files

To create new files click om the big '+' button on top of your screen. This offers three options:

  1. Upload

  2. Folder

  3. Text file


If you have a locally stored file you want to add to your ownCloud space use this option. ownCloud only accepts static content templates. PHP and other scripting languages are not allowed.


To organize your files it is possible to create new folders. Be careful with moving around your files as moving a template alters its URL which then needs adjustment in the Carerix application too!

Text file

This option allows you to create templates/text files on the fly within the ownCloud interface. This enables file versioning and editing without having to download the file and re-upload its latest version (and removing the old one).

✏️Edit existing files

Depending on its filetype it is possible to edit files in the ownCloud text editor. To open the file in the text editor, simply click on its name. The text editor even supports script language recognition:

If the filetype is supported by the ownCloud text editor becomes immediately clear when clicking the file name. In case it does the text editor will open. If it does not, a download will be executed. Multiple filetypes are supported for editing, amongst others:

  • .HTML

  • .CSS

  • .RTF

  • .TXT

The following filetypes are not supported for text editing in the ownCloud context and will be downloaded when clicked:

  • .doc/.docx

  • .xlx/.xlsx

☝️Other options

When clicking the meatball menu (three dots) at the end of the line, a menu opens with additional options:

  • Details

  • Rename

  • Download

  • Open in Text Editor / Media Viewer

  • Delete


When choosing details a right side panel will show up. It gives you the possibility to add a comment or read previous comments on the file. On the tab versions older versions of the file can be selected, restored and downloaded. It is also possible to add the file to your favorites by clicking the star in the header.


If you want to rename the file this can be done easily. Note: be aware that changing file names also requires changes in the template URL which is registered in Carerix (document templates) and to template content that is using the file.


Download the file to your device

Open in Text Editor

Only available in case the file type is supported. It will open the file in the ownCloud text editor where you can alter the file's content to your liking.


Remove the file from you file system. Note: Be aware that removing the file will immediately break the template or template parts using it in your Carerix system.

❌File Deletion and Restoring

Files can be deleted. If you decide to delete a file, the file will be moved to the 'deleted files' section which can be reached via the left side menu, at the bottom of the page.

Deleted files can be restored or deleted permanently. Deleting means deletion of the file itself and all the versions related to it. For restoring the same holds: the file itself and all related versions will be restored.

Deleted files will be stored in the deleted files folder for 30 days. After 30 days the files will be removed permanently. Recovering will not be possible anymore.

⚠️Note: moving files to the deleted folder will immediately break templates or template parts in your Carerix.

🌐Using your files/templates in Carerix

To use the files as templates or template parts in Carerix you will need its URL. Though ownCloud generates its own URL's, it is important to mention that the URL to use in Carerix stays the same as before, when FTP was still in use. In this way you can be sure that your existing templates remain functioning properly after moving them to a new server and you will not face any 'broken' templates in your Carerix application.

When you add a new template through the ownCloud interface you will have to compose the correct URL to be used in the template configuration in Carerix. To do so, follow the following format:

Possible other folders in the tree should be added in chronological order. Pay attention you do not include the 'httpdocs' folder in your URL.

⚠️Note: the 'httpdoc' folder is a base folder and should not be included in the file URL

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