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Release 5.0.232 // 31 August 2019
Release 5.0.232 // 31 August 2019

Seamless for mobile activity update & Carerix 5 match preview

Updated over a week ago

We are happy to share this latest Carerix release. 


Carerix Seamless for Mobile Updates per 31-08-2019:

Change owner of an activity

To easily assign tasks, notes and meetings to one of your peers it now is possible to change the owner of an activity.

Create Follow-up task

Easily create follow up tasks that are linked to the original one. Just click on the edit options and click on 'Create Follow-up task'

Small improvements & bugfixes for Seamless for Mobile:

  • In activities the from time cannot be set earlier than the end time

  • In detail screens we introduces sticky headers so detail title and tab navigation always remains in sight of the user

Carerix 5 updates

  • The match preview is revised with additional information on candidate, job order and contact in order to increase its usability. Now users are able to faster have relevant information on the related files for the match record they have selected in the overview. Amongst others we added: company description, job order description, job requirements and additional candidate and contact information.

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