When the Administrator has activated the settings for CxJobfeed a new tab will be available:

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Candidates'

  • Go to the "Jobfeed-Tab"

How does CxJobFeed work

Two fields in the "Candidates", "General" tab have to be filled in for CxJobfeed to automatically filter.

  • The field 'City' in the block 'Addresses'

  • The field 'Job title' in the block 'Procedure/Function/Experience'

When the 'Jobfeed' tab is opened, you will see that these two fields ('City' and 'Job title') have been used the fill in the Jobfeed filter.

In Jobfeed you will see all available vacancies for a given country.

When you click on one of the vacancies you'll see more information about the vacancy and a 'Vacancy URL' button, this button will lead you to the website with the open vacancy.

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