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Microsoft Teams in Carerix Calendar (Classic Calendar version)
Microsoft Teams in Carerix Calendar (Classic Calendar version)

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Carerix offers the possibility to initiate Microsoft Teams meetings from Carerix.

How to create a Microsoft Teams Video link?

In Carerix we have integrated a button in the meeting pop-up and detail. So once you start creating a meeting or if you open an existing one, the button 'Create Microsoft Teams Meeting' is available.

  1. If you want to create a video link, simply click the button

  2. After clicking the button you will be redirected to the Microsoft Authenticator and asked to pick a Microsoft Account to authenticate against and log in

  3. The dialogue window will be closed and you can return to Carerix, the button now has changed into a 'Join Microsoft Teams Meeting'.

  4. To start and/or join the Microsoft Teams meeting the button can be clicked any time. This can be done repeatedly and is independent from your meetings date and time.

How to share the Teams link with external contacts (non-Carerix users)

The URL of your Microsoft Teams meeting is stored in your Carerix database and therefore available to share with external contacts in multiple fashions:

  1. Simply copy the URL to your clip board using the copy button to easily paste the URL into emails, whatsapp or other messenger applications:

  2. Share the URL directly in an email template so receivers of the email can easily join your meeting from the email message. To pick up the URL from the database you can use the code below in your template:

    <cx:write value="$activity.toToDo.meetingCallLink"/>
  3. Include the .ics attachment in the email template you use to invite your external contacts or to confirm your appointment(s) with them. There is a default email template that can be used available in the library or you can add the attachment to your own customized template. For instructions see this additional article.

Please note: Only in case a Microsoft Teams meeting was created and a link was stored in the Carerix database it will (can) be shown in an email template.

Do I have to login to Microsoft every time I create a Teams meeting in Carerix

Yes, currently it is needed to authenticate every time you click the button to create a new Microsoft Teams meeting. We are working on a solution that will enable the user to use active Microsoft sessions.

I do not use Microsoft Teams, can I switch off the button?

If you do not use Microsoft Teams or do not want your users to create meetings from Carerix, it is possible to disable the button.

  1. Go to the maintenance section on the left of the screen and select the settings menu

  2. Look for the General panel

  3. Look for the createMicrosoftTeamsMeetings setting

  4. Change the value for this setting to NO

  5. Relogin to let your change take effect - the button now is not available anymore

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