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Configuration Profile: Qualifiers & Field validation
Configuration Profile: Qualifiers & Field validation

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Field validation or Qualifiers in the configuration profile allow customization to most Carerix fields. Its functioning is similar to the advanced qualifier in triggers. From the configuration profiles setup mode a field can be selected and a qualifier or custom validation can be applied.

As programming of qualifiers requires some programming skills - it by default is not enabled on your system. If you are interested in using field validations, please contact support team or ask your customer success manager. It is free of charge and just needs activation.

Using a Qualifier

When selecting one of the options in the configuration profile, it is possible to create a qualifier. The action that is selected (Hide, Not editable or Required) will only be applied if that qualifier is true.

In the above example the field will be required when the status is not “Available”.

Using custom field validation

With a regular expression and a JavaScript comparison, custom validation can be added to a field. With custom field validation you can force a user to stick to a pre formatted value for the field involved.

The variable “value” is available in the JavaScript comparison and can be used for the comparison. Until the comparison returns true and the field complies to the regular expression, the dossier can not be saved. The field will get a red border and show the text that is entered in the “Warning Text” field.

In the above example we have set a field validation for the phone number field in order to make sure that any phone number entered manually to the system is according to the format that is needed to successfully launch the WhatsApp Web or desktop application from Carerix.

When an entered phone number does not meet the requirements the user will see a red border and the message “The phone number must have the country code in front of it. It is not needed to remove the first 0 of the phone number. +310612345678 will work as +31612345678 will work too.” when hovering over the field.

As soon as a correctly formatted phone number is entered the red border will disappear and the user is able to save his changes.


Keywords: UD-3238

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