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Release 5.0.270 // 13 March 2021
Release 5.0.270 // 13 March 2021

Keep your preview on the same tab when browsing your records | New Social Browser release

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Keep your preview tab state when scrolling through different records:

We have enhanced scrolling through your list of records becomes a bit more convenient as we have made sure that your preview pane stays on the same tab when selecting a different record. So scrolling to your short (or long) list of candidates when previewing their resume becomes easier as you do not have to select the resume tab again when you switch records. The saved state wil be maintained within the same user session. So after being logged out the default will be applied, which is showing the general tab. This logic applies for all entities.

New release of the Carerix Social browser plugin:

Om Wednesday March 17th version 0.11.0 of our Google Chrome extension was released that will include fixes for the following issues:

  • Uploading of profile picture from LinkedIn did not work anymore and in the new version will be restored.

  • Name parsing when creating candidates/contacts on Xing was broken due to the profile label being recognized as the first name. This is fixed.

  • It appeared that September was parsed as August when using the the create candidate or contact feature on VDAB causing wrong birth dates being parsed

Smaller improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed a small bug in the UI causing a cogwheel in configuration profile setup mode to be invisible.

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